Routermate CNC Router

CNC Routers Available
in Sizes from 4'x4' to 10'x40'

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The Routermate was designed from the ground up with the sole purpose of routing in mind. It is available in sizes from 4’ x 4’ all the way up to 10’ x 40’ (sizes are cutting surface size). The Z-axis has a travel distance of up to 12 inches.  To maintain rigidity the Z-axis bearings are located at the bottom of the axis plate, and do not move away from the material as the Z-axis moves up like most machines on the market today. The standard version of the Routermate is equipped with stepper motors, servos are available as an option.  All drive systems are completely gear driven, with the exception of the Z-axis that is a recirculating ball screw drive. The Y and Z axes have 24 bearings each for linear rigidity, and the X-axis runs on 16 cam follower type bearings.

4'x8' Routermate

The Routermate is available in a complete bolt together kit, or if you like you can build your own table and just purchase the Routermate gantry (Y and Z axes).  We can also provide the precision ground X-axis rails for mounting to your table. The gantry portion of the Routermate comes from our factory completely assembled.

Pictured left is our 4 'x 8' Routermate.  





Table height adjustment bracketsThe Routermate’s table is adjustable in height from 6” to 34”. In addition each of the table cross slat brackets is adjustable left and right, allowing side clamping of larger parts. The cross slats can also be mounted vertically by adjusting the end brackets. This can be used to reduce deflection on heavier materials.

Table height adjustment brackets are shown here.

The table has additional independent vertical stops to allow one person to change the height. (A bottle jack would be necessary for lifting of larger tables)  All the surfaces of the cross brackets are “T” slotted for clamping work on any surface. Other table options include: flood and spray coolant, coolant capture/ return membrane for reusing coolant when a flood system is utilized, zoned vacuum table surfaces.

Universal mounting plate retracted


The Routermate’s Z-axis can accept various attachments. This is accomplished with the four mounting holes on the three quarter inch thick main plate.

Left is the universal mounting plate retracted.





Universal mounting plate extended


Here is the universal mounting plate extended.






Call Toll Free 866-571-1066 for a Customized Quote
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This site is intended to acquaint the visitor with our unique line of affordable cnc router systems. These units can be used in a wide variety of applications.   These include cabinet making, home building and remodeling, cutting kitchen counter top shapes from laminate and corian, cnc drill applications, cnc engraving and light milling, cutting shapes from plastic, printed circuit board soldering, cutting shapes from steel using a plasma cutter or oxygen acetylene cutting torch, boat building from hull fabrication to interior wood working and cabinet making, plotting of large blueprints and plans, gun stock cutting, arts and crafts shape production of wooden animals, toys, and garden furniture.  We are certain that you will quickly see the many different uses to which a full 3 dimensional cnc router cutting system can be put.   VISA and MasterCard purchases are welcome. 
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